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DTASC-Theatre’s Night to Shine

For CCHS’s AVPA theatre department, one of the biggest events of the year is just around the corner. The Drama Teachers’ Association of Southern California (DTASC) is holding its annual festival showcase on Saturday, October 26th, where drama departments of schools across Southern California showcase their best theatrical performances.

Schools meet up once a year to perform a selection of scenes and compete for prizes. Students perform everything from Shakespearean dialogues, comedic monologues, and even original written scripts to win in a variety of categories. Students not only get to act, but direct and write as well. This provides many students with the unique opportunity to spend time and prepare a specific piece to be judged and see similar scenes from over a hundred other student actors.

Culver City High School’s AVPA theatre program is a frequent attender, with this year being no exception. Several students have signed up in almost every category, making Culver a strong contender in the competition. Past competitor and current theatre vice president Kacey Oschack voiced her excitement for another year of the program.

“The best part is all the connections you make with other students,” Oschack said. This year, Oschack is going to the festival as a spectator and supporter of her team’s work. “It’s also really rewarding to see your friends move on to the finals.”

The showcase lets students bridge their creativity with real world skills of presentation. Weeks of practice lead up to the experience. The merits of putting time and effort into a scene and the possibility of being awarded for it make the festival one of the most exciting experiences of the year for eager theatre students.