Bite Into Your Future

Andrew Olmeda

Lunch may be a time for roasting, rap battles, and kicking back but it could also be a time to discover your future dream job. Step into the College and Career Center on the second floor of the library during one of the scheduled Lunch & Learn sessions and take advantage on the information they offer.
Lunch & Learn is a great place for those that are indecisive on what they want to be when they get older. The Lunch & Learn is a weekly program that has so far had 18 sessions. The program has been around for two years and is planning to continue next year. Any CCHS student is eligible to go and get free information about future careers they may be interested in. Speakers from medical fields have been the most popular this year.
A different speaker every week is asked to come and talk to the students about their field of work. Adrienne Madrid, who is the head coordinator of the program, gets a variety of workers to commit to a date where they will come and speak.
Regardless of your career interests, whether it be law enforcement or fashion, the College and Career Center has a smorgasbord of speakers and dates in the folder on Madrid’s desk.
“Lately there was a great session at lunch where 40-50 students came in to listen to a FBI agent,” Madrid said.
Freshman Alex Maximo attended the military session and said, “It honestly changed my view on people in the armed forces.”
Not only is there information being passed around about the job, but there is also networking opportunities and referrals that can come along with the sessions. You may even be able to create an appointment where you can get a day off of school to go and shadow professionals in careers you may be interested in.
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