Macy's and Becca's Closet Show Love to Girls in Need


Senior, Claribel Alcantar, with a volunteer during the event.

Meadow Vokes

On April 15, 2019, a special event was held for those searching for a prom dress in response to the financial burden that it can cause. Thanks to the partnership between Macy’s and Becca’s Closet, many girls were given the opportunity to not only go dress shopping for free, but they also get styled and receive free makeup, gift cards, and much more.
The event was held in the school’s library, from 10 am to 1pm. The best part about the experience was how welcoming and inclusive it was to the one hundred and fifty young girls who took part in the event. The staff, who helped ready the girls for the limitless opportunities for what their prom could be like, created a kind and supportive atmosphere. Ana Mazariego, a senior at Culver, said that what really stood out to her was how “everything was organized,” and how “everyone was welcoming and helpful.” From assistance with dresses to congratulatory hugs, the staff truly gave the more than one hundred and fifty girls the time and patience they needed in a process that would be otherwise overwhelming. Thanks to the variety of options, as well as signature dressing rooms and mirrors, the experience was nothing but a positive one for the girls, and a success for the partnership that made it all happen.
The whole event couldn’t have taken place, however, without the awareness of Macy’s and  non-profit organization Becca’s Closet in regards to how expensive prom can truly be. Becca’s Closet is an organization named after the work of Rebecca Kirtman. Rebecca was a young girl who collected prom dresses for those who couldn’t afford any and delivered them to the girls in her community. Sadly, she died in a car crash in her youth, and so the organization strives to continue her legacy in the form of large sums that help provide to as many high-schoolers as possible that perfect prom experience. Without the generosity of Macy’s and Becca’s Closet, our school would be one among many having to struggle with the expensiveness of such a tradition.