Club Fair Filled with Unique Clubs


Ivette Enriquez

Culver City High School had its second Club Fair of the year on February 4th. Usually there is only one Club Fair during a school year, but it was decided that people that weren’t able to visit the first time around would be able to check out all of the amazing clubs on campus the second time. There’s a wide variety of clubs that meet every week, for almost anything you could imagine. And if there isn’t a club for you, then you’re able to create your own club!
The Club Fair is always such a pleasurable experience because you get to see the difference in opinions and hobbies that students on campus have and share with others. It’s always fun to see what others are truly passionate about. Many clubs are also a great way to earn service hours while also doing something you enjoy or even making a small difference in the world. The STAND club provides service hours every time they go somewhere to help the homeless (providing them with care packages). There are also several environmental clubs that provide hours when they conduct activities dedicated towards beautifying the environment. However, not all clubs are necessarily that serious if that isn’t exactly your vibe. The Life Skills club teaches fun and useful life skills and sometimes also hosts very hands on experiences where professionals will visit and teach you about their topic (ex. self defense). Several clubs also meet to talk about their favorite shows, favorite pastimes, or even their favorite grocery stores like the Trader Joe’s Fan Club!
As a freshman, I really enjoyed attending the Club Fair both times because I got something different each time. I felt that by joining clubs, you have the opportunity to try things that you feel you might want to pursue in future years to come. You might even find that you actually don’t really enjoy something you thought you might want to pursue in college. The clubs on campus allow you to really feel much more involved in the school and its sense of community. In allowing students to share their passions, they encourage a closer community because of it.