Club Fair Sparks Excitement


Tiare Baginski, Staff Writer

A year ago, the idea of in-person school felt foreign to many students. Everything was managed online and through our computers and screens. So it was very exciting for many students to visit the annual Club Fair that took place on September 14 on the grass areas around Hall 1. Anywhere else on campus was calm and quiet, but there was talk about the fair happening, traveling through the hallways and soon, most of the students were heading in the same direction.

Dust from the dry grass was kicked up into the air by the hustle and bustle of all the people walking around and observing the multitude of tables, each showcasing a different club. Crowds of students searched for the perfect club to join, walking to each table and sometimes signing up for a club. 

From Hip-Hop to Debate to Ballona Creek Renaissance, there was a plethora of choices each student could indulge in. Some clubs aim to help the environment while others simply intend to help expand one’s culture. Either way, lines of eager students waited to write their names on the sign up sheets. 

Members of ASB were busy directing their peers to and around the club fair and keeping the students organized. Yet it was hard for many of the students to contain their excitement. 

The surprising thing about the club fair was its ability to bounce back after the pandemic and remain successful even after a year online, which consisted mainly of little human interaction, especially in clubs. This year there was a surge of excitement among the students, excitement for something new, or something old being brought back and revalitized.