Coping with COVID: AVPA Film


Hana Varsano, Staff Writer

Although films may be hard to create during COVID-19, AVPA Film is still going strong, according to Holly Gable, head of AVPA Film.

“This year, as always, AVPA Film concentrates on screenwriting in the fall,” Gable said. “Then we prepare to write our Sony Films, 10 minute films which screen on the lot at Sony Films each year.  Last school year the event was cancelled due to COVID, but we are hopeful that it can happen this year, perhaps at the very end of the school year.” 

AVPA also plans on trying to film even through the many challenges caused by the pandemic. “Due to COVID, we have many constraints as to what we can shoot. We will have to work in smaller crews and only with parent permission when it becomes safe,” Gable said. 

AVPA film is collaborating with other departments as well this year, so there is less of a chance of frozen Zoom screens. This is important as they try to collaborate with other AVPA departments on projects.

“We plan on working with AVPA Dance to help them film their Fall Dance Concert,” Gable explained. “Our first solo film project will be to create imagery for AVPA Music department’s composers. The composers will create original pieces of music and we will create small films for each piece. We also hope to help AVPA Theatre with the filming of their fall play.”

“It’s very difficult to say what the year will look like, but we are staying creative,” Gable said. We will shoot at least four films throughout the year, whether they are solo projects, or in very small and safely socially distanced film crews.” 

Make sure to check out Film’s collaborations with Music, Theatre, and Dance on the AVPA website.