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    Junior year has a lot going on. You have to make sure you’re on top of everything. But you also have to make sure
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    Why Your College Essay Sucks
    You wrote your first college essay. You looked at it and threw it away. So you write another and it’s decent but not q
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    The Reputation of Taylor Swift
    If I am being completely honest, I was very skeptical of Taylor Swift’s new album, reputation. I have been a Taylor Sw
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    (Disclaimer: you should probably listen to this album, and preferably its prelude, SATURATION, before reading this) SATU
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    Things To Do on the Weekend
    I don’t know about you, but I’m always ready for the weekend. It can never come soon enough. Sometimes when it a
  • Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes
    We get it. Homework, friends, ig, snap chat, life, you’re stressed and don’t have enough energy to come up w




Krantz' Rantz

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    Thanksgiving “break”
    Thanksgiving is a national holiday that celebrates, as the name suggests, things you are thankful for. Lots of people ge
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    Christmas in November
    Halloween has now come and gone; the ghoul and goblins have gone back in their holes, so now it is time to simply enjoy
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    Manic Monday Halloween
    Halloween is a holiday enjoyed by children and adults alike–a day of dressing up and eating candy that many people

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