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Big Blue Digs Pink

Girls Varsity Volleyball led Culver City High School to victory as they defeated Santa Monica High School 25-23, 25-20, and 25-14 in the annual Dig Pink volleyball game. The gym was filled with students, band members, and other sports athletes as they cheered the girls towards victory.   “This was a huge win for us and a big step towards taking our league title back from Santa Monica…

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Terry Jung

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  • Hello world!
  • Spano the Man-o The 2016 CCEF teacher of the year at CCHS is Dr. Tony Spano. In his 18th year at CCHS, Dr. Spano is not just a music teacher, but also the C
  • Mr Mende, the man bun teacher Culver City's new teacher, known for his man bun, is World History and US Government teacher Elliot Mende from Sacramento, California. Duri
  • Centaur Plus — a Plus?
  • Addissyn House
  • Huma Manjra Hi guys! I'm Huma and I am a sophomore this year. I am most likely to be found at the gym playing basketball, at the library pondering throu
  • Huma Manjra
  • Rita's New Location Rita’s is a popular Italian Ice restaurant that many people enjoy and feel at home at. There are more than 600 locations and counting. The
  • A Night Full of Music and Fright On October 29th was the first Halloween Music Concert presented by AVPA Music Department. It started with a trick-or-treat event for childr
  • Psychological Thriller Meets Anime Anime has become a leading television genre for teens, I thought it would be a good idea to review one of my favorite shows of the summer. J
  • Katie Sullivan Howdy, I'm Katie!! I kinda like pretzels, I'm a sophomore and I am in love with music. Bands, snuggles and giving advice = me in a nutshell.
  • Andrew Olmeda My name is Andrew Olmeda and I'm a young, humble individual that only seeks the best for himself. One of my greatest passions is baseball. I
  • Tyler Barnes- Staff Writer Hi my name is Tyler. I am 17 years young. I am a senior and plan to attend a music school once I graduate. My passion is writing and singing
  • Jules Moniz, Staff Writer Just your everyday High School student.
  • Ian Arguello, Staff Writer Hey guys! My name is Ian Arguello and I am a freshman at Culver City High School. I'm on the CCHS water polo team and on the UCLA swim team.




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    Infatuation or Love?
    High school students are prone to the idea of thinking that they are in love or love someone during these few years.
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    Senior Best? Or Senior Popularity Contest?
    “Senior Bests” is a big deal for most seniors and as a lot of students see it, it’s just a huge popula
  • Image
    Debunking a trip to Mars
    The idea of walking on Mars is quite breathtaking. But is it really possible to get to the red planet with all the risks
  • Image
    Love and Heartbreak
    When we are this young, our hopes of love are great, even if we know there is the possibility that it ends badly. The tr
  • Image
    Simply Asking Is Sweeter
    If I squint hard enough, I can still remember my first assembly as a freshman. I thought it was so entertaining and I lo
  • Image
    Neglected and Unsanitary
    Unflushed toilets, graffitied stalls, broken and empty soap dispensers, and doors that don’t lock are just a few thing


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