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Athena’s Archive, A Student Resource

Members of Athena’s Archive during a club meeting.

Located in the bungalows, in room 122, Athena’s Archive is a student-run club dedicated to, as club member Natalie Shim puts it, “helping the community and providing study resources for people who might need it”.

Athena’s Archive was originally created by a group of junior AP students who intended to share and provide one another with notes from different classes. This created a bond between the students, and allowed them to improve their studying, as well as make new friends. The resources they brought to each other were from notes they had taken, which were applied to a Canvas course they created, in an intent to make available a resource for others who needed studying materials. The idea was to advertise the website and help other students study, after the pandemic had just ended. This provided an excellent asset to students who were struggling with some classes after distance learning or who just needed extra help from others in classes like theirs. The four students have since graduated from CCHS, but their hard work still lives on through the younger generations of students who continue to provide learning materials to those who need it.

Some classes, mainly AP courses, prove to be much more difficult than students weigh in, so Athena’s Archive has proven to be a good resource for students who are taking these challenging courses. The members of Athena’s Archive are in AP classes themselves, so they take those notes from their classes and upload them to the Canvas website for others to use, all of which are free, as noted by club member Payton Lin. The uniqueness of this club defines its importance to students for their benefit. Club president Julia Marcus expanded on this idea, saying that their uniqueness stems from the fact that they help people because “people get really stressed about these classes and it’s nice that they have a resource from other students”.

The members of Athena’s Archive are welcoming and supportive of anyone who wishes to join. They have a very inclusive community and the club itself is very hospitable to all students. As one of the club’s representatives, Monica Lee, states, “I like that this is for students by the students, that this is something that will be available for all students”.

Since it was created by 4 AP students, Athena’s Archive has been a helpful and beneficial resource for all CCHS students. Through the diligent work of its members, Athena’s Archive strives to provide students with notes and other materials that help them with their studies. It is a very helpful resource available to all students, so anyone struggling with an AP class can find comfort in knowing that their fellow classmates have their back. Students can join the Canvas course and access Athena’s Archive’s abundance of resources here:

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