Senior Class of 2021: Taking Charge of Today and the Future

*This list was compiled from a Google Form administered to all seniors through their English teachers. For seniors who have not yet submitted their post-high school plans and still want to do so, there is still time to fill out the Google Form!


Bard College

Annabel Axtell – Major/Career Path: Writing and Journalism

Rowan Levi – Major/Career Path: Film Production & Written Arts


Brigham Young University (BYU)

Emily Langston – Major/Career Path: Undecided


California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Sascha Goldsmith – Major/Career Path: Aerospace Engineering


California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly SLO)

Grace Reason – Major/Career Path: Forest and Fire Sciences

Morgan Francis – Major/Career Path: Environmental Earth and Soil Sciences


California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona)

Sheridan Tomiko Vance – Major/Career Path: Special Education Teacher 


California State University Channel Islands

Bernard Hoo – Major/Career Path: Business Management


California State University, Long Beach (CSULB)

Krystal Alize Melendez – Major/Career Path: Animation and Computer Graphics 


California State University San Marcos (CSUSM)

Ashton Burnett – Major/Career Path: Aerospace Engineering 


California State University, Northridge (CSUN)

Abrahim Abduselam – Major/Career Path: Mechanical Engineering

Alicia Anaya – Major/Career Path: Psychology

Andres Grisales Santos – Major/Career Path: Criminology 

Bisma Khan – Major/Career Path: Emergency Medicine

Nicole Torres – Major/Career Path: Athletic Training 


Chapman University

Austin Wei Wang – Major/Career Path: History


Coker University

Justin Beighey – Major/Career Path: Coaching


Colorado State University

Max Varsano – Major/Career Path: Civil Engineering


Concordia University Chicago

Ariyanna Griffin – Major/Career Path: Nursing


Cornell University

Keaton Lynch – Major/Career Path: Environment and Sustainability


El Camino College

Shana Moten – Major/Career Path: Nursing

Additional Notes: Will earn two years of free community college through South Bay Promise.


Emerson College

Naomi Ash – Major/Career Path: N/A

Robin Manansala – Major/Career Path: Media Studies


Fort Lewis College

Valerie Garcia – Major/Career Path: Pre-Med


Gonzaga University

Aidan Nascimento – Major/Career Path: Civil Engineering


Indiana University

Lexie Korkis – Major/Career Path: Nursing


Laguna College of Art and Design

Vivian Gonzalez – Major/Career Path: Animation 


Los Angeles Recording School

Andy Rodriguez – Major/Career Path: Music Production


Louisiana State University (LSU)

Savannah Smith – Major/Career Path: Business Management


Loyola Marymount University (LMU)

Avery Bielski – Major/Career Path: Theatre Arts – Screen Acting

Jaden Perez – Major/Career Path: Business

Juliette Healy – Major/Career Path: Chemistry 


McGill University

Sophie Price – Major/Career Path: International Relations/Law


New York University (NYU)

Imani Gleaton – Major/Career Path: Film


Otis College of Art and Design

Carina Rodriguez-Vergara – Major/Career Path: Animation


Point Loma Nazarene University

Aliah Fabros – Major/Career Path: Writing BFA 


Pratt Institute

Sophie Nelson – Major/Career Path: Photojournalism


Rhodes College

Devin Hayden – Major/Career Path: Political Science/Sociology


San Francisco State University (SFSU)

Christian Dubriel – Major/Career Path: Mechanical Engineering

Jack Bushnell – Major/Career Path: Business Management

Sandra Gordon – Major/Career Path: Film Major


San Jose State University

Cole Mitchell – Major/Career Path: Sociology


Santa Monica Community College (SMC)

Alejandra Hill – Major/Career Path: Nursing

Aliyah Arquero – Major/Career Path: Veterinary 

Breanna Price – Major/Career Path: Psychology, Politics 

Additional Notes: Will attend SMC and then transfer.

Diana Diaz – Major/Career Path: Communication Studies

Diego N. Lopez – Major/Career Path: Computer Engineering

Fatima Haro – Major/Career Path: Dietetics/Nutrition and/or Psychology

John McCormick – Major/Career Path: Psychology

Luther Chambers – Major/Career Path: Animation (Concept Art)

McKenna Buckley – Major/Career Path: Acting

Miles Laviolette – Major/Career Path: Film Production

Additional Notes: Moving to England after college and considering joining the Royal Armed Forces.

Xitlally Garcia – Major/Career Path: Teacher of English as a Foreign Language 

Additional Notes: Only attending SMC for own enrichment to get a Certificate of Achievement for Early Childhood Associate Teacher while also working. Will be attending university in Mexico in 2022 to get a degree.


Sarah Lawrence College

Max Hickman – Major/Career Path: Architecture and Design Studies

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Scott Johnson – Major: Fine Arts

Sonoma State University

Ghalia Warren – Major/Career Path: Zoology


Southern University and A&M College

Jasmine Watson – Major/Career Path: Sociology

Additional Notes: Plans to minor in African-American Studies.


Stanford University

Brandon Kim – Major/Career Path: English/Journalism/Environmental Science


The New School

Bella Faris – Major/Career Path: Strategic Design and Management


Tufts University

Lacey Burns – Major/Career Path: Pursuing a dual degree in Fine Art and an undecided arts/sciences major


Tulane University

Ryley Carr – Major/Career Path: N/A


United States Army

Hayden Kuo Gould – Major/Career Path: International Relations

Additional Notes: Plans to pursue major/career path after the army.


United States Marine Corps

Carlos Martinez Lopez – Major/Career Path: Mechanical engineering 


University of British Columbia

Noah Bailey Brantingham – Major/Career Path: Political Science


University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)

Alice Lewicki – Major/Career Path: Environmental Science

Arjun Palkhade – Major/Career Path: Computer Science

Jalisa Jaramillo – Major/Career Path: Business Administration

Additional Notes: Interested in becoming a small business owner/entrepreneur.

Jasmine Andrade – Major/Career Path: Applied Mathematics


University of California, Davis (UC Davis)

Angelina Cicchini

Brooke Butler – Major/Career Path: Veterinary Studies 

Matthew Friedenthal

Melanie Marx – Major/Career Path: Animal Science

Ryan Washizaki – Major/Career Path: Statistics


University of California, Irvine (UC Irvine)

Darrius Wayne Gay – Major/Career Path: Mechanical Engineering

Justin Naranjo – Major/Career Path: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Kyara Corralez – Major/Career Path: Nursing 

Quentin Estime – Major/Career Path: Economics 


University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Marley Leonard – Major/Career Path: Political Science

Sienna Koizumi – Major/Career Path: Psychology


University of California, Merced (UC Merced)

Donovan Amezola – Major/Career Path: Engineering


University of California, Santa Cruz (UC Santa Cruz)

Aidan Donnelly

Eva Hooten – Major/Career Path: Psychology, Marine Biology

Izabella Campos Layne – Major/Career Path: Environmental Studies

Jesper Giardino – Major/Career Path: Earth Sciences 

Maro Levine – Major/Career Path: Music


University of Hawaii at Manoa

Julia Bowman – Major/Career Path: Marine Biology 


University of Massachusetts Amherst

Ariadne Nikolaidou – Major/Career Path: Entertainment Lawyer


University of Southern California (USC)

Anthony Olivares  – Major/Career Path: Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration

Additional Notes: Attending the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. Participating in a 5-year program at USC to obtain a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

David Uribe – Major/Career Path: Architecture

Leslie Donan – Major/Career Path: Biological Sciences, Marine Biology 

Additional Notes: Interested in minoring in Music Performance for the violin.

Livia Mitchell – Major/Career Path: Architecture


Vanderbilt University

Rowan Atwood – Major/Career Path: Neuroscience


Washington State University

Nikole Ghatanfard – Major/Career Path: Psychology


Wesleyan University

Mieke Hesseling – Major/Career Path: Mathematics


West Los Angeles College (West LA)

Ariest Mateo Mendez – Major/Career Path: Biology

Additional Notes: Plans to be a pediatrician. 

Sabrina Martinez – Major/Career Path: Business


Whitman College

Jack Bickerton – Major/Career Path: Undecided



Antonio Moten – Post-Graduation Plan: Will enter the workforce.

Emily Mendez – Post-Graduation Plan: Will attend community college.

Mohamed Ahmad – Post-Graduation Plan: Will enter the workforce.

Additional Notes: Will apply for a job either in IT or as a sports motorcycle dealer.

TaMya Reliford – Post-Graduation Plan: Will attend a four year college and major in Film/TV Production.

Additional Notes: Will attend art school.

Yinuo Tian – Post-Graduation Plan: Will attend community college.