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The Effects of Proposition 64

Marijuana has become a recreational drug and has been an uprising in California. This means that marijuana will be produced in dispensers in neighborhoods such as ours. But marijuana has already been a factor in today’s society before this legislative ruling came out. So it may not have the big impact parents are interpreting it to be.

Proposition 64 ensured the “Adult Use of Marijuana Act” which proposed the legalization of marijuana possessions of adults 21 and over. Further clarifying this means adults may legally possess 1 ounce and may grow up to 6 marijuana plants in their private residents. But the important benefactor is the legalization of establishments to produce marijuana. This may bring an increase in marijuana usage.

Parents are concerned about the legalization of this product and its impact on their children, but marijuana has already been a benefactor on teenage lives. Before the legalization of weed, teenagers have been smoking it. Smoking weed is not a new phenomenon but has been here for a long time.

The question now though is how can this infamous plant affect health and lifestyles? Dealing with the health issues of marijuana includes an increase in heart beats and blood pressure. The main worry of most is that marijuana is a gateway drug or, in other terms, can lead to the usage of stronger drugs when one becomes tolerant to marijuana. This does not happen to everybody and everyone’s body has a different approach to dealing with the drug. Some have addictive personalities and may become so dependent on the drug in which they can’t live without it and others can do it once or twice and not have any lasting affect on them or their lifestyles. You don’t know what type of personality you have to the drug until you have tried it. And with marijuana being a common drug of today’s society it has an impact on our lives, like it or not.