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Oprah for President?

In a recent interview, one of America’s most popular celebrities, Oprah Winfrey, was witnessed hinting at a ‘fore-plan’ of her possible 2020 presidency.

“Celebrities are avatars of America‚Äôs subconscious. They are the people onto whom we project all our deepest fears and fantasies.” In the mind of America, celebrities are held to such a high standard that they become untouchable in the eyes of who look up to them.

While we have had a few celebrity presidents in the past and present, such as Ronald Reagan or Donald Trump, never have we had a president, with fame to such a degree as Oprah.

While Oprah, being a highly influential black female makes her impact so worthwhile, her political stances and social platforms already give her an advantage in both society and a potential presidential race. Though, pros aside, there are some cons to consider.

Social media has become embedded in modern society and has a big influence on a person’s status, opinions, and impressions. The general public, as well as her dedicated fan base, may influence Opera to make decisions that may not be the best so she can maintain her social status. Despite her god-like status, she is only human.

With all of Oprah’s hobbies, fans, and involvements, similar to President Trump, her advisers would be making all of her decisions.This may lead to a situation similar to that of Trump. Too fearful of losing support, Trump abdicates responsibility when faced with divisive and controversial decisions. This leads to a room full of advisers taking over his role as President and making decisions for him, contrary to America’s ‘trust’ in his own ability to make influential policy decisions. This is relatable to Oprah’s position because as a celebrity, she would still need to maintain her status, please her fans, and the general public.

Celebrity stereotypes aside, Oprah undoubtedly, may secretly be an underlying political genius. She has an ability to connect and resonate with her audiences, to make a change and unite people. These are prominent features that America desires for an ideal president, just as Ronald Reagan possessed.

In the advancing and interconnected world that humanity lives in today, it is important that we adapt to the pressures of social media and its impact on opinions and decisions. We need to choose those who use it wisely and know how to unite people through social presence. Oprah seems fit for the job.