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The Centaurian Staff: 2018-2019

Staff Writer

Diana Miguel

Staff Writer/Editor

Natalie Richardson

Hello, I’m Natalie, a senior at CCHS. I’m Vice President, a writer, and an editor. I’m most passionate about my Dog and Cat: Rufus and Lacy, so if you want to get on my good side, please ask me about them. I’m excited to see what this year’s Journalism club brings.

Staff Writer

Amol Shome

Editor in Chief

Meadow Vokes

Hey there, I’m Meadow, a senior at CCHS and Journalism club’s President/ Editor in Chief. I love writing, particularly about what my classmates want to know about or any special activities and events that go on around campus. I look forward to this school year and what great articles Journalism will produce!


Brandon Kim

Staff Writer

Isabelle White

Staff Writer

Giselle Solorio

Staff Writer

Sam Schuette

Staff Writer

Sascha Goldsmith

I’m Sascha, a sophomore at CCHS. I’m actively involved in our community, school, and strive to put the best into my work to spread important ideas and opinions worth sharing.

Staff Writer

Daniel Egziabher

Staff Writer

Erin Krantz

Hi, I’m Erin, senior here at CCHS. Besides Journalism, I am in Speech and Debate, Chamber Singers, and Color Guard. If that didn’t give you any idea, I like talking and spreading my opinions. But also, everything should be said with kindness and putting themselves in others shoes. I’m excited to be on Journalism in the coming years.