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Non-profit organizations recruit students for volunteer work


Ian Arguello

YMCA representative talks to Isabel Mussleman about his non-profit organization

Ian Arguello

The second annual Non-Profit Fair took  place during lunch at CCHS on Feb. 6. The purpose of the Non-Profit Fair was to “expose the student body of the to the various non-profit organizations within our community,” ASB Adviser and English teacher Carlos Valverde said. The fair gives CCHS students the opportunity to learn about these organizations and possibly volunteer. Approximately 15 organizations attended last year. This year approximately 20 organizations attended. The organizations attending are Shoes For the Homeless, Exceptional Children Foundation, United Cerebral Palsy of LA,  Culver City Education Foundation, and more.
Student Council decided to do the Non-Profit this school year “to show a way to promote civic responsibility, social action and to enhance the ‘learning’ component to service,” Valverde said. CCHS requires all students to complete a total of 60 hours of Service Learning by the end of 12th grade.  Ninth and tenth graders are required to complete 10 hours of service learning whereas 11th and 12th are required to complete 20 hours.
Since this was the second time ASB decided to do the Non- Profit Fair, most people still don’t know what it really is. A few seniors admitted that they didn’t know about the Non-Profit Fair also. “The point of Non-Profit Fair is to get students to complete their service learning hours as well as getting them involved within their community,” ASB president Mia Mavromichalis said. The Non-Profit Fair achieves the goal of having CCHS students becoming involved members within our school,and our community. “It helps students learn what they are interested, and encourages them to volunteer their time to make a difference,” Mavromichalis added.