Love and Heartbreak


Addissyn House, Staff Writer

When we are this young, our hopes of love are great, even if we know there is the possibility that it ends badly. The truth that we fail to see is that it always will end badly because most of us will not marry anyone we date in high school. Even for those of us who marry eventually between forty and fifty percent of marriage in America end in divorce.
When we think of something like that we mine as well just give up altogether in the search for a perfect love story. We are not likely to have a perfect one but if we stop trying we have no hope at ever finding anyone worth loving.
So here is what I bring to you: the fact that our high school love stories are not going to be the real thing and that if we do give up though we aren’t going to find the story we need to be satisfied.
It doesn’t seem to matter where we go from there or where we stop, it is the realization that matters the most. We have to realize, but not consciously, that this love may not last. That may minimize the casualties when the relationship does end but it diminishes the passion during the relationship. There lies the problem.
If we never give ourselves to someone completely, or at least almost completely, then we are sacrificing our happiness when it matters to the rest of our lives. Heartbreak is just a part of life so we have to give in to the fact that it is in fact inevitable.
Sure it hurts, a whole lot, but it is something we need to get on with our lives; the same way we need to have friends who love us and someone new to get over someone old. It is just part of the cycle of the world we live in, something we must do.
As humans, we can do as many studies as possible to decide how many relationships the average person has before they truly fall in love. We could do research about what it actually means to fall in love, but we will never know because everyone is different. Our lives are simply about accepting the truth that we are given: love and heartbreak will come to us if we open our hearts.