Fraternal Opposites?

Katie Sullivan

Duncan and Chandler Bark are two fraternal twins who (ironically) couldn’t be more opposite. The two sophomores are being compared to show just how different they are.
Question: Growing up, who do you think your parents favored?
Duncan: “Me… I was easier.”
Chandler: “Me, because they bought me stuff.”
Question: What makes you better than your brother?
Duncan: “I don’t argue with my parents.”
Chandler: “I push people, but in a good way and I’m really social.”
Question: What’s the best and/worst part of having a twin brother? 
Duncan: The best part of having a brother, according to Duncan, is occasionally being given money and sharing certain things. “The worst part is having to share a room for 15 years and how often he nags.”
Chandler: “The only good part is when he pays me back.” He had a much longer list for the worst parts like, “He’s messy, he’s a fussy eater, and he can be very annoying.”
Question: Do you notice any similarities between you two?
Duncan: “No.”
Chandler: “We’re complete opposites.”
Question: If you had to describe your brother with one word, what would it be?
Duncan: “Hypocritical.”
Chandler: “SKINNY.”
Question: What’s your favorite gum flavor?
Duncan: “Mint, just not spear.”
Chandler: “The spicy kind… Cinnamon!!”
Question: Boxers or briefs?
Duncan: “Boxer briefs”
Chandler: “Boxers”
Question: Chicken or beef? 
Duncan: “Neither, I’m a vegetarian because I don’t eat what doesn’t look good and meat does NOT look good.”
Chandler: “I like chicken because it’s healthier and I can’t eat fat.”
Question: Who’s your celebrity crush?
Duncan: “If I had to pick.. Ellen Page”
Chandler: “Kristen Stewart or Ellen Page.”
Question: How did you and your best friend meet? 
Duncan: “We had the same class in fifth grade and we just sat next to each other and in the sixth grade he came over and became friends.”
Chandler: “I called him emo and then asked if he’s a guy or girl.”