Centaur Plus — a Plus?

Brett Nava

     Feb. 5 marked the beginning of a 10-week trial period for a program designed to help struggling students: it was the inauguration of Centaur Plus. Centaur Plus was a 24-minute period on Tuesdays and Thursdays in which students were able to receive extra help from their teachers or go to a study hall, if students meet certain GPA requirements.  The new program has been hailed by many students and staff, but it has also received heavy criticism.

     Most students and staff are in support of Centaur Plus as they see it as a time that students can seek tutoring and improve their grades. “I think Centaur Plus is a good idea,” junior Ivan Guzman said. “I think it has the potential to help a lot of students.” Guzman’s attitude toward the program seems to be the overwhelming feeling  for Centaur Plus. Teachers also seem to like Centaur Plus: French teacher Kathy Varlotta said, “The concept is a good concept. It gives access to students during school to get help.”

     Though students and staff are generally happy about the new tutoring program, it has come under criticism. One of the main complaints is that the period is too short. “I don’t think 20 minutes is enough time,” junior Anabel Cardena said.

     Another sharp criticism comes from CCHS freshmen. Unlike the rest of the school, freshmen are assigned to classrooms in which they did organizational activities with Link Crew leaders. Carolyn Dodenhoff, a freshman, claims, “It’s effective for those who actually want to study, but I don’t like the Link Crew activities. I do like the Link Crew leaders, though.” This view seems to be popular with freshmen. Many claim that they already possess the abilities that Link Crew is trying to teach them and that they would rather be studying in a study hall.

     Regardless of the criticism, Centaur Plus was an experimental program, which ended on Thursday, April 23.

     Principal Dr. Cooper and Centaur Plus Coordinator Rachel Snyder are working to improve the program so that students can take full advantage of it next year. Though next year’s program will be different, “there will be something next year,” Snyder said.