A new beginning


Jaden Kimura, Staff Writer

The school day may be over, but Lance Radford is still working hard in room 78. Radford is one of the several new teachers here at CCHS. He is a math teacher who teaches Geometry and Precalculus.
Radford said he  has “always wanted to be a teacher since I could remember.”  His dad was a teacher and a coach, and Radford liked how he taught and helped his students. He wanted to do the same.
Radford studied at the University of Oklahoma with a major in Mathematics and Education. He went on to teach Mathematics for 4 years in Oklahoma and 7 years in Florida. This is his first year teaching in California. Radford enjoys all subjects, however Mathematics stands out. He likes the problem solving and logic involved in Mathematics. 
Radford’s favorite thing about CCHS is the students. He says the students are good. He thinks they display a lot of school pride and self initiative.
Radford spends the little free time that he has doing sports, specifically basketball. Radford enjoys both coaching and playing sports.
Brook Francis, a student enrolled in Radford’s class, said, “He is a cool teacher. Mr. Radford sasses back at anyone who isn’t doing their work.”
Overall, Radford should make a great addition to the teachers here at CCHS.