Don't let her youth fool you


Brook Francis, Reporter

New English teacher Hanna Nelson could be mistaken for a CCHS student. Young, tall and with short blonde hair she could be from Germany or some other European country.
However, she comes from a small town in northern California called Sebastopol. “My high school was next to a dairy farm,” she said, and when it rained, “it smelled like… cow.”
Now she lives in Inglewood, which she says has better food than Culver City.
Nelson, who is teaching English 9 Honors and English 10, has pretty much always wanted to be a teacher.  “I knew when I was 10 years old that I wanted to be a teacher and I’m just really, really stubborn so I never changed my mind.”
According to Nelson students at CCHS are just like students everywhere, but here they are well supported. “This school does a good job of bringing out the best in the student body, which is really good to see.”
Nelson said she is able to empathize with students who are going through a tough time. She had a hard time when she was younger because her parents were not together and she moved around a lot. 
“It’s hard to go to school and do your best when you’ve got all this other stuff going on.”
Nelson has similar teaching techniques to other teachers, but she does something a little different on Wednesdays. Every Wednesday Nelson has all of her students take part in “Workshop Wednesdays” which is a class period devoted to reading. “I really like Workshop Wednesdays because it’s a change from the same thing most teachers do, and it’s a nice time of relaxation,” freshman Isa Berliner said. During this time nobody talks “and I like the music she plays” freshman Sam Deriseis said, referring to the classical music she plays.
Nelson claims to have a terrible singing voice, but she’s great at lip syncing.