Year One in Biology


Martina Abdelshahid, Reporter

As you open the door to room 85, you will meet an average height young woman, with long light brown hair, Ciara Mansour. Mansour now teaches biology; it is her first year as a teacher. Mansour received a master’s degree in education from Pepperdine University and a bachelor’s in biology from CSUN.
Mansour loves to teach and she enjoys it greatly. Mansour likes to “work with young minds,” and high level students which give her the opportunity to challenge them. At one point, she even considered being a physical therapist, but realized she preferred teaching much more. Mansour wakes up at 5 am every morning, excited to teach, ready to go, especially after experiencing awesome first 5 weeks of school.
Mansour always says “Don’t say ‘I don’t know’, because you know something.” By the end of each year, Mansour’s goal is to make each student realize how intelligent they are. Similar to other teachers, Mansour’s top two rules are “If you don’t finish in class, it is homework” and “You don’t have to do work or pay attention in class, but your grades at the end is what you deserve.”