Enthusiasm + English = Mr. Owen


Lena Johnson, Reporter

If you were lucky enough to have been placed in room 43 for your English 10 or English 11 class this year, then you’ve had the opportunity to meet the newest and one of the most enthusiastic teachers on campus, James Owen.
As Jessica Stewart, a student in his Period 5 English 10 Honors class, described him, “Mr. Owen is excited to see us and teach us new material every day. There hasn’t been a day where he isn’t standing at the door to greet us as we walk into class.”
Owen grew up on the east coast, and attended college at James Madison University, in Harrisonburg Virginia. There, he studied English and Justice Studies. By his senior year, he knew he wanted to teach. “I love to read, write, and look at the way literature, even from the past, sends messages to today’s society,” he said when asked why he likes to teach English.
He moved to California this year, due to his wife’s work as a dentist. He came to Culver City High School because he wanted to work at a big public school, and he had heard “awesome things” about the school. It is Owen’s first year teaching, and he is enthusiastic and excited about all the possibilities for the year, claiming that there is “so much you can do in an English class.”
Outside of teaching, Owen leads a very active lifestyle. He enjoys running, swimming, reading, going to the beach, and hanging out with his wife.
He feels right at home with the “friendly students who are always eager and care about what they learn,” and is excited to be considered one of the newest members of the CCHS family.