Successful Tailgate Turnout


Jaden Kimura, Reporter

After school on October 30, the patio at CCHS was crowded with students gathering for the tailgate. The tailgate was from 4:30 to 6:30, right before the homecoming football game. During the tailgate, clubs and committees got together and sold food and items in an effort to fundraise for their organizations. The money earned by the club is used to fund activities for the club in the future.
The tailgate featured several clubs and committees. Some clubs in attendance included the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles club, MESA, Nature Conservation Club, AVPA Film, and more. These clubs sold various items and services such as boba, cotton candy, face paints, henna tattoos, horchata, quesadillas, root beer floats, shaved ice, s’mores, spam musubi, and popcorn. Some clubs profited greatly, while others profited fairly.
There was also live music performed by some bands here at CCHS. One band present at the tailgate was the YRGP band.
Alison Metzinger, a leader of ASB, said that “tailgate went really well. There was a huge turn out for the student body and I think everyone really enjoyed the series of musical performances we had.” Metzinger also mentioned that she thought all the clubs were very successful. The tailgate created extra school spirit and excitement for the homecoming game.
Metzinger says that next year, she would “suggest that they try to get set up started as early as possible and possibly communicate even more with the club presidents to ensure everyone knows where they’re supposed to be.” This revealed itself as an issue during the setup of tailgate, and by doing this it would better prepare clubs for the event.