Infatuation or Love?


Huma Manjra, Staff Writer

High school students are prone to the idea of thinking that they are in love or love someone during these few years. However its not really love  but it’s simply the thrill and romantic idea of being in love that makes them think they are in love. The lines are often blurred at this point where one can’t distinguish if they actually love the person or love the idea of being in love with that person. The idea of being in love with a person is captivating and intriguing for a high school teenager. There is a huge difference between the two and this difference is the core misunderstanding to high school relationships.
When high school students think they are in love, they usually are persuaded through the emotional reactions and feelings felt by a specific someone. There’s this thrill when that special someone looks at you with such an intense fervor that makes every bone in your body shake with each step. There’s that feeling when you see your special someone and suddenly your stomach is swarming with butterflies and you forget how to breathe. You notice the thrill of being with your special someone and feeling that warm buzzing electricity that wakes up every single atom in your body. There’s this fascination and recklessness of having this different type of freedom. The thrill of being with a boy that has a car, driving through the streets at night while city lights illuminate around you and you feel like you’re on a high. There’s the thrill when someone takes your hand and you can feel every single nerve tingle with excitement. There’s the thrill of having someone that can’t take their eyes off of you but look straight into them and tell you you’re gorgeous.
All of these thrills and emotions are really caused by the infatuation one feels and the emotions and sensations they themselves experience. One is passionately drawn towards someone and to the idea of how they make one feel. They are attracted to them and intrigued by their actions, words, and most importantly, by the simple way of how amazing they can make one feel. At this age, there isn’t any psychologically emotional root to this “love” but only a materialistic ideal that is based off of a fanatical experience.
If you ask most high school students about being in love, they would describe love to you in the context of how it makes them feel and their emotions they have inside of them. However that is not love but only the infatuation speaking. Love isn’t defined as the way someone makes you feel but simply by how you feel about someone. It isn’t about your closest emotions you feel yourself but the emotions and feeling you have toward someone else.
Love is something that takes time to develop and is an intense feeling that high school students aren’t actually familiar with. It isn’t true that high school students feel strong feelings toward someone because in reality one can be deeply infatuated with another without really being in love.