A New Beginning


Gabriela Lopez, Reporter

The grand opening of Julian Dixon Library on February 20th certainly did not disappoint Culver City residents as they witnessed the 2.5 million dollar reopening.
It took one year, one month, and two weeks for the interior refurbishing of theJulian Dixon Library to finish. Visitors of the library were at an inconvenience because of the renovation. While waiting for the reopening, many enjoyed an alternative library: the Mayme A. Clayton (or “Expressed”) Library.
Month’s worth of hard work and dedication contributed to the finalization of library. With the help of RAW International Friend Group, which is a friend group who “shows love and loyalty” to the library, Julian Dixon raised approximately 210,000 thousand dollars. Thanks to them, the library now has16 more computers, more laptops, a vending machine, an iPad catalog, digital signage, interior repainting, new infrastructure, a new security system,cabling, free Wi-Fi, and all new furniture including 38 reader chairs, 34 lounge chairs, and 40 meeting room chairs.
Roxane Marquez, Special Assistant for the County of Los Angeles PublicLibrary, is proud to announce the Julian Dixon’s first net zero. “A net zero is a facility that can generate enough energy through solar panels,” she explains,”It produces 192,950 kilowatt hours per year and is energy independent.”
Marquez strongly believes that the remodeling of the library will make an”effective use of space” and “upgrade [the library] from an energy efficient standpoint.” On behalf of the Julian Dixon Library, Marquez would like to say,”It is very important to recognize that the Julian Dixon Library is named afterJulian Dixon, who was a very prominent figure from the area. Not only is the library named after him, but [so is] the Metro Center Station in Los Angeles,”she adds, “This is yet another success story thanks to Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas.”
The recently redeveloped Julian Dixon Library is yet another attraction to be enjoyed in our beautiful Culver City.