New Classes for Next School Year


Lena Johnson, Reporter

For many students, the news of the six new courses that are being introduced for the 2016-2017 school year is both exciting and refreshing—a breath of fresh air. With these new classes, students will have more options, while still being able to maintain the rigor of their schedules.
Among these are three new Advanced Placement courses: AP French IV, AP Computer Science, and AP Environmental Science. Many students are grateful for these new options and their inherit benefits, including the extra grade point and the resulting college credit. The other three classes are Speech and Debate, Art Design, and the first-ever non-advanced Spanish IV. Additionally, a new CTE course, Multimedia Production, will be introduced. Counselor Dan Fagas said, “It will be great to initiate these new courses.”
The teachers for most of these new courses are not set in stone yet; however, it’s is  confirmed that science teacher Graham Lockett will be the teacher for AP Environmental Science, and that science teacher Dan Carter will teach the Speech and Debate class. There is speculation about the teachers for the other classes; however, they probably will not be made public until much later, as the administration wants students to sign up classes on account of their interest in the subject, not the teacher.
One of the most eagerly anticipated classes is AP Environmental Science. Fagas said that “it’s going to be one of the most popular classes on campus.” Many students are excited about the course as well. Sophomore Hayden O’Brien, who is hoping to get into the class, said, “I think it will be very valuable to learn about the Earth, the environment, and the effect we have on it.” Lockett, a newly instated teacher at CCHS, is eager about the class as well. It has not been confirmed how many class periods there will be, but as of this month’s scheduling, it is already completely full, and senior priority will be given.
Another highly anticipated class is AP Computer Science. It counts as a math credit, not a science, despite any common misconceptions. Many students are excited for this new addition, especially with the allure of an AP credit. In the words of senior Kyle Johnson, “I wish there had been another AP course available in math during my time at Culver. I think it’s great that they are introducing this class and others.”
The two new language courses that are being introduced are very exciting as well. The first is a non AP version of Spanish IV. This is a great option for students who would like to continue in Spanish, but don’t think they are ready for the rigor of AP. Furthermore, it is a welcomed alternative for those whose schedules are already loaded with AP’s. There is some speculation that Spanish teacher Luis Rodriguez may teach a class of this; however, it is not yet confirmed. The other language course being introduced this coming year is AP French IV. A tenth grade French speaker, Stephane Mazumdar, said, “I’m very excited that Culver City High School is finally introducing a new advanced placement class in another language. It’s really amazing to see the school expanding on the available language courses.” Many other students are also eager to expand their knowledge and rigor in foreign language.
The last two classes that are being introduced are both electives: Art Design and Speech and Debate. Art design is a new option for an art credit, and according to counselor Steve Gyepes, “you won’t need any prior art skill or knowledge for this course.”  This is a good option for students without much of an artistic inclination to complete their art credit required to graduate. The other new elective is Speech & Debate, which will be taught by Carter. It is a fun elective and a great academic option for students to discuss and debate important topics while improving speaking skills and dialogue.
All of these new classes provide much more flexibility and options for students. Make sure to check with your counselor in the guidance office to learn more about which classes will be best for you in the 2016-2017 school year.