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Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and More.


Throughout the Atlantic Ocean, countries like Puerto Rico, Florida, and Texas have been pummeled with disaster over disaster. Hurricane Harvey sent the state of Texas into catastrophe with hundreds left in shelters. Hurricane Irma devastated Florida with a Category 5 Hurricane making it one of the biggest with a wind speed of up to 185. Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico in ruins with houses and streets completely wrecked.
All these natural disasters are happening for a reason: a specific region around the Atlantic is attracting hurricanes to take place and cause calamity. With an invisible barrier broken between the area that contains the Bermuda Triangle, hurricanes began forming after the water became slightly warmer and evaporated into giant storms. Only few meteorologists caught the storms beforehand, but many were left in shock a storm as strong as Hurricane Harvey hit.
If Hurricanes weren’t enough, two major earthquakes struck Mexico leaving citizens homeless and unable to track families. Mexico faced a devastating 8.1 earthquake which caused a few homes to topple, but the death rate was few compared to the one happening only a week after. A 7.5 earthquake shook Mexico City having a bigger impact even with a lower statistic. The city contained many big buildings that ultimately toppled over as walls that held them became loose. These disasters were unexpected at the time, making the impact extremely significant as citizens were unprepared.
Meteorologists are already tracking a new Hurricane: Hurricane Nate. Hurricane Nate is a category 1 hurricane hitting the southeastern part of Louisiana.
In regards to California, in the next two years, the state is estimated to be hit with an earthquake estimated to have a magnitude of 6.6 or higher. With this in mind, Californians should be prepared for the big one.

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Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and More.