The Teacher with a Car Named Phil


Isabelle White

Kathleen Rowley is one of the new teachers here at CCHS. She teaches AP Language and English 9 in room 45. She only has classes during periods 1-3 so that she can spend the rest of her day with her 7-month-old son.
Rowley worked at Alain LeRoy Locke High School for over 10 years, where she taught for long hours everyday. Although she loved all of her students and the school, she had to leave when her son was born. Coincidentally, a job opened up at CCHS that gave her enough time to spend with her son, and ensured that he would be able to attend school in Culver City.
When Rowley isn’t teaching, she enjoys playing with her son and surfing. Because she loves music so much, she takes song suggestions from her students and plays them during class. She especially enjoys Kendrick Lamar and Vampire Weekend. One fun fact about Rowley is that she won her first car, a Ford Focus named Phil, on The Price is Right, and cried when it died.
Rowley strongly encourages commitment, and she lives by the motto, “If you start something, finish it”.