Cocoa and Cram


Erin Krantz

On Wednesday, December 13th, Link Crew hosted their annual “Cocoa and Cram” session for freshmen in the cafeteria. There was a great turnout as the room was packed with dozens of freshmen. The event was only started a few years ago by Link Crew to continue to help freshmen adapt to high school life. At Culver City Middle School, there aren’t any finals. “A lot of them struggle with the transition” stated Hayley Yamamoto. Link Crew helped students with the new daunting task of taking six finals in three days. “Link Crew Leaders also help them with their study habits and managing their time”, Yamamoto continued, encouraged by the amount students who came to the event. Martina Abdelshahid admitted that most kids came for the cocoa, but stayed for the studying. They were welcomed by a very organized setup. Different stations were set up around the room for the four core classes: Math, English, Science, and History. Link Crew leader signed up for the subject they desired to work with students on. But it doesn’t stop at the student level. “We talked to all the freshman teachers and they gave us study guides for each unit“, Abdelshahid explained. Students were given the skills on how to study paired with material directly from their teachers  The turnout was successful and will most likely help the freshmen on their paths to success. The amount of students who came makes it more likely that this event will be hosted again next year.