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CCHS Walk Out: The Last Statistic


On Valentine’s Day in Florida, a mass shooting occurred.
17 teenagers, who were students at the Florida High school, died, as well as 15 more that were injured physically. The list goes on to include students and members of the community that have suffered through the trauma. Beloved and innocent students, had their lives shattered when they were shot or even killed by a mentally disabled 19-year-old.
Florida has the least gun control laws out of any US state. Even before the shooting occurred, people were trying to advocate for stricter laws. After the shooting sparked fear and concern, it started to ignite change.
This change is not just unique to Florida. Other high schools, families, teenagers, and students all around the country, have found confidence and encouragement to prove that teens have valid opinions, and are capable of more than politicians and what the general population of adults think. We have come together to protest and express our fear for our lives and safety. Through this, the #enough and Walk Out movements have started.
Culver City High has also joined the movement, uniting with schools across the country.
In a recent interview, Cecilia Ribordy and Carolyn Dodenhoff, the two main students organizing the protest at CCHS, shared some of their views and plans for the protest on March 14 at 10:00 am.
The Florida shooting ‘hit home’ for many students, people, and families. Collective rage and anger, as well as fear and sadness built up. The people have decided that it is finally time to do something. Inspired by this call to action, Ribordy and Dodenhoff wanted to make a difference and involve our community which too, is indirectly affected by these mass shootings and guns laws across the country.
Originally, the protest was meant to be a student run movement, but when the Cecilia and Carolyn heard that the Admin., CCPD, Culver Parks, and CCMS wanted to get involved to make an official event of the movement, they were thrilled.
Teachers and members of the community are also encouraged to join in the protest and give the movement strength.
In response to prior protests, The White House has outlined an agenda to raise the gun-buying age minimums, ban Bump-Stocks, and federally require background checks. Though there is still more to be done, this is just a first step to becoming the last statistic of school shootings in America.
Unity is needed and our views and opinions are important, now more than ever. The walkouts were formed with goals to provide a platform that will enable voicing solutions and opinions from the point of views of all those who will be affected by future gun laws. In other words, the views of the students, as well as raising awareness and spreading unity, will emphasize that teenagers should get a say in how the world around them is controlled. We, the leaders of our future, have the capabilities to be involved in our communities, and especially the capabilities to make a difference, even on a national level. We are capable of settling an issue that has been controversial for several more years than it should have been, by showing that our lives are more important than guns.
Numbers and charts with alarming rates will not do much. But maybe if the statistics themselves rise up and show our significance, something will change.
On March 14, one month after the Valentine’s Day school shooting, at 10:00 am, students are encouraged to leave their classrooms, and participate in the Walkout. The assembly of students will march towards the football field. A specific schedule has allotted a time frame from 10:00 am to 11:00 am as an extended lunch period.
A moment of silence in remembrance of those who have lost their lives in recent school shootings, including speakers giving speeches are planned. Signs are encouraged too. A ‘Sign Making Party’ on March 12 at lunch will be held. ASB will be providing materials and storage in Ms. Hatanaka’s room, room 1.
All students are encouraged to participate!

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CCHS Walk Out: The Last Statistic