A Hero of a New Generation


Meadow Vokes

The world has been shaken by the new superhero craze of the past year. There was the new Spiderman teenagers could relate to, then a family fun Thor that left its audience crying (mostly from laughter), and now Black Panther has taken center stage. With the main protagonist’s confidence and quirkiness, often being one to freeze in the presence of a Wakandan spy’s grace, he clearly shines as what superhero, and Marvel, fans have desperately wanted.
Black Panther is able to tie in many themes of family throughout the film. T’Challa, the Black Panther, shows clear warmth for his sister, Shuri, the two making any situation brighter. T’Challa also fights alongside strong women warriors and royals. The strong presence of women in this film also has been seen to have an impact on young girls cheering for their strong warrioress role models. Mix that in with the heavy presence of African pride and you have a recipe for perfection.
Black Panther had its audience show up to the theatre dressed head to toe in African garments to represent their culture as the film did so beautifully not only with its characters and scenery but also its amazing soundtrack. The film wraps up so many aspects previously overlooked by the film industry and ties it nicely with a bow, the tag saying it is all for the people.
There is no doubt the impact of Black Panther is one of a kind. In fact, it has absolutely made way for the film industry to open up to more diverse films and for more diverse characters to be in them.
Black Panther was not just a film, but a statement. It was a statement calling for change in what has been previously called “entertainment,” showing what the people really want.