Ryanne Biernat

The second semester for seniors is always more challenging than the first. We all start to feel the creeping mood of “senioritis”, or in other terms, wanting to finally break free. Still, most seniors enjoyed their time at Culver City High School, many by being involved in clubs, sports, AVPA, or other activities. I also asked some seniors what would they miss about high school and all of them said it was their friends. High school is the time to make new friends through the classes you take and the activities you do in school.

College applications, though, are another question. Seniors like Danielle Winslow said that the most excruciating part of the application process were the essays. According to senior Cooper Komatsu, it feels as if you don’t have much to write about and also you don’t have good enough stories that the people will like. The college essays are very vague and also are very similar. 

Seniors like Kacey Oschack are very stressed due to the activities they participate in. They don’t have enough time to both complete college apps and participate in AVPA or sports. It comes down to the point where seniors can’t hang with friends and enjoy themselves and be happy. Everyone says that senior year is “chill”. It’s not. Many seniors like to challenge themselves with taking a lot of APs in their senior year. Some do it to graduate college early, some do it for a sense of purpose in school and some for the extra GPA points. 

I asked the seniors to give advice to many who will face college apps and senior year in the future and they told our future seniors to not stress about getting into a good college and not going to a high end type of university. You will be happy in the future and you will find your happy place in this world. Senior Chelsea Maynard says, “don’t let the year go by fast and don’t think about the drama and give it your best in the future”. 

So seniors, let’s make these last five months of high school the best we can make it.