CCHS Red Cross Blood Drive

Alisha Hasan

Culver City High School once again hosted its annual high school blood drive on January 23, 2020 from 8 am to 12 pm. There were 119 blood donors registered during the time frame, though not every donor was expected to show up. Each donor donated one pint of blood. And because there was a large number of donors donating blood, no walk ins were accepted. 

As per last year, members of ASB assisted in setting up registration at the blood drive, along with managing the hydration and snack station for after blood donors have donated. In order to donate, blood donors have to meet very meticulous requirements. The Red Cross team – consisting of the head nurse and nurses – will ask questions about health and travel, medicines being taken, and risk for infections transmitted by HIV and hepatitis, as well as take the donor’s blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and a blood sample. This information is included in the pre-donation reading materials.  If the donor meets the requirements, he or she will be directed to the gurney, where the nurse will use a sterile needle to collect the blood. 

The American Red Cross is a worldwide nonprofit organization that prevents and alleviates human suffering by collecting blood for those in need. Its workforce is comprised majorly of volunteers.