Coping With Covid: AVPA Dance


Hana Varsano

AVPA Dance knows how hard it is to perform over Zoom, but they’re not letting that stop them.
We find creative ways to get the work done, engage with each other and keep going,” said Carol Zee, head of AVPA Dance. 
AVPA Dance offers four classes: Contemporary Jazz Fusion, Choreography, and Core Elements. Dance students don’t just practice in class,  however. They are also working on “completing a dance research project that will be presented and showcased in early November,” according to Zee. “Some will do a dance history project while others will complete an interview project where they interview professionals in the dance world, hear their stories and learn from their experiences,” she said.
Though there may be some challenges, the dance department is still pushing through and boosting up on creativity.
Our virtual reality presents a new challenge for everyone in that we have to create for the camera as opposed to the stage,” Zee said. “It’s a very different arena for us and pushes us creatively, which is a good thing!” 
When school reopens, the dance department will practice in the new dance studio on campus. “I can’t wait until I can actually have students in there and we can really move!” Carol said.
You can check out AVPA Dance Department’s Concert opening in November on the 19th, including performances from both students and faculty. The concert will be at 7:00 p.m. For more information, go to the AVPA website.