Winter Formal Plan Underway


Huma Manjra

Due to the very successful homecoming dance that sold more tickets than ever, ASB is planning a winter formal for Dec. 6 at The Concourse Hotel at LAX.  “We are really encouraged with all the positive feedback we got from the homecoming dance,” ASB vice president Natalia Saucedo said. Winter formal is intended to be fancier than homecoming but less fancy than prom.
The winter formal dance has been brought up and discussed every year but often ends up getting cancelled due to the lack of enthusiasm from students and low ticket sales. But every year there seems to be a problem that contributes greatly to the cancellation of the winter formal: off-site venue. While Interim Principal Lisa Cooper is supportive of the formal, she explained the unfortunate problem that occurs: “When you plan an event at an off-site venue, they require an exact headcount many weeks before and that doesn’t seem to work with our school because half of our tickets are purchased during the last week or even the last day before the dance.” Since there are only a few tickets sold in the first few weeks, the headcount of students is not high enough and worth enough to have the formal at a venue where pricing is also high.
But this year Culver City has decided to bring back winter formal for students to experience and enjoy. Tons of encouragement, hype, and voting among the ASB members has finalized this decision.Interim Asst. Principal DuBois McMillan encourages the dance completely and says, “The winter formal is part of the high school experience and this would be a great event for the whole Centaur family.”