New Recycling Effort


Katie Sullivan

New compartmentalized waste bins will pop up all over district schools soon after winter break. These eco-friendly bins have three bins which are all color coordinated; they have a small compartment for recyclables, one for trash, and one for compost. The new bins are to support Culver City’s most up and coming recycling project. The Green 5, founded by local environmental activist Shea Cunningham.The Green 5 is a foundation that focuses on the packaging of things and how teenagers can help recycle. Shea and fellow activist Todd Johnson both are doing many things to help out Culver City’s environment. On Sept. 26 Cunningham, Johnson, and other members of the recycling committee took part in a trash audit in which they asses how well our school was recycling.
Everyone has seen the posters for the new recycle bins Culver is expecting, however there were some legal issues stopping the process. Now students should be expecting them any time after winter break. The Ballona Creek Renaissance club and The Green 5 are thinking of partnering together to get more positive exposure. Cunningham wants everyone to, “keep the momentum going” by spreading the word of the positive changes due to come soon.
Throughout the week you should hopefully be seeing blue “mixed recycling” bins popping up in your classes, those are to strictly be used for recycling so we can at least make some form of a positive difference.