How We Value Our Shoes


Andrew Olmeda

Blood, sweat, and tears have been shed over them. They have led to fights and even death. I’m not talking about girlfriends or mula, I’m talking about shoes. Waiting 6 hours in line for a pair of shoes is just the beginning of a sneaker head, or shoe fanatic, life style. There are many things ordinary people do not get about sneaker heads.
Shoes are more than shoes to a sneaker head; they are life. An average sneaker head may spend all morning waiting line for that pair of shoes. The lengths people go to just to get these pairs of shoes can be very surprising. Some might say it’s easy and some might say it’s hard. Many sneaker heads have things called “connects” which basically buy the shoes for them. Others have it the hard way and have to wait, wake up extra early and get in line before everyone else does.
There have been many cases that involve robberies, shootings, deaths. There’s one in particular that caught my eye. There was a murder in Houston December 21st 2012. The child’s mother was really disappointed that an action would occur over a pair of shoes.
I strongly disagree with murder over a pair of Air Jordan’s. But I also strongly agree with the dedication that many sneaker heads show towards the sneaker community. If you get to know the individuals you’ll see why it’s so easy to get attached to the community. The people are so friendly and easy to communicate with.
The reason why people become fascinated about shoes as opposed to clothes or accessories is because shoes are a precious commodity. Some pairs of shoes can be dead stock which basically means they sell out after the first day. That’s what makes a shoe so valuable and pricey.
Many people can be recognized as resellers. Resellers are basically people that buy shoes and resale them for extra profit.