CCHS Tennis Team Starts Competitive Play


Naomi Saldanha, Staff Writer

After a year of school sports being halted, sports seasons have finally started again with the tennis teams being the first to participate in competitive matches. So far, the girls varsity tennis team has already won three out of five of its matches and the boys varsity tennis team has won two out of four of its matches. Both teams have been playing very well despite the effect COVID-19 has had on the logistics of the teams’ seasons.

One large difference between the tennis season before COVID-19 and now is that the boys tennis season is held the same time as the girls tennis season.

“This does make practicing harder because normally with the season at different times, the girls would practice every day during the girls tennis season and the boys would practice every day during the boys tennis season,” said Issac Perra, a sophomore on the boys varsity tennis team.  

Instead, for three days a week the boys practice in-person while the girls practice at home and for the other two days the girls practice in-person while the boys practice at home. This system changes throughout the season, giving extra time on the court to the girls for some weeks and to the boys for other weeks.

Holding the boys tennis season at the same time as the girls tennis season has also made things a lot busier, especially for the team’s coaches: Coach Murchison, Coach Rothenberg and Coach Wilson

“Having both the girls and boys team playing at the same time has been a juggling act but keeping everything and everyone coordinated has been fun,” Murchison said. 

Due to the changing practice times, it makes it harder for the players to know ahead of time who is playing on what courts and with which partners for their matches. However, the coaches have kept everything running smoothly and the members of team are glad to see each other again.

The members of the tennis team are also glad to be back on the courts and playing matches after a long year at home. 

“It has been really great to see my friends and meet everyone again while also keeping safe,” said Delina Melaku, an 11th grade student on the junior varsity team who recently played her first match.  

The tennis team has been keeping safe with numerous restrictions put into place due to COVID-19. When playing doubles, the tennis team wears masks while warming up and while on the courts. Players also make sure to maintain social distance at all times; for example, when they go on the bus they sit three seats away from each other. Instead of the handshake during team introductions, the players wave from a distance. Despite these changes due to COVID-19, the players have still been able to talk, interact and have fun together as a team. They are continuing to practice hard and have more matches coming up after Spring Break.