Student Athlete Car Parade


Katie Collazos, Staff Writer

Over the weekend, Culver City High School hosted its very own student athlete car parade. This parade consisted of seniors from all sports celebrating their accomplishments in a safe, but unique way. Athletes from sports such as baseball, volleyball, football, and soccer spent their Sunday afternoon following a route all over Culver City with decorated cars and posters cheering on their fellow athletes. 


This parade was run by Jodie Fratantuno and very well organized. The Culver City Police escorted the assembly line of cars along a mile-long route around the city as they were celebrating. People in the Culver City community also lined up in the streets and cheered on the athletes as they drove by. 


CCHS seniors brought additional excitement to this parade as they completely decorated their cars with posters, balloons, and streamers. The athletes were provided with sandwiches while participating in the parade. The CCHS marching band also came out to support these athletes. 


“The car parade was super fun. It was [a] light during this pandemic and it was really great to see some friends from school that I haven’t seen in over a year,” said Jasmine Andrade, a senior on the varsity girls soccer team. 


This has been one of the few activities that seniors were actually able to experience, and their overall outlook on the event has been positive. It was also a highlight not just for the seniors to enjoy, but for the Culver City community to be a part of as well. 


“The community really seemed to enjoy it as well as a bunch of people smiled, waved and honked at us. I’m really happy that we have senior activities and I can’t wait for more,” Andrade added. 


As the school year comes to a close, the Class of 2021 got an amazing opportunity to celebrate themselves and their peers in their overall accomplishments in sports. They hope to see more events like this in the future to celebrate their last few weeks of high school.