Schoolwide Covid-19 Testing Has Started


Students completing covid-19 testing

Jason Cowan, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Oct. 5, CCHS initiated its first round of schoolwide COVID-19 testing. Testing was supposed to have been mandatory on a weekly basis since the beginning of the school year, but was delayed due to issues with finding the right testing company. The testing takes place every Tuesday during students’ 4th period. While the news that mandatory testing would take place was not communicated effectively in the first week, leading only a couple of kids to get tested per class, COVID-19 testing has gone smoothly for the most part since then with the majority of students getting tested weekly. Additionally, the school has set up more testing locations throughout the campus so that the entire student body does not have to congregate in one area. So far, the only issues have been that the saliva tests being used have resulted in a couple of false positives. However, for the most part, testing has been very effective and is fulfilling its purpose of keeping the school and its students safe.