Service Hours Waived for Current Seniors


Ella Zare, Staff Writer

In order to graduate, seniors at Culver City High School are required to complete 60 community service hours, but due to the ongoing pandemic, the class of 2020 had their hours waived. During recent college information presentations, administrators confirmed that this year’s seniors would reap the same benefits.

Community service hours, something students had the opportunity to dip their toes into starting in middle school, have been a way for high school students to gauge an idea of what work experience would look like. From staying after school to help teachers with grading to taking internships at pet shelters, it was also a place to explore different career paths.

But the pandemic not only narrowed these opportunities — fewer places were searching for student volunteers and the virus made it riskier — it affected students’ commitments. Many students were forced to find jobs to help finance their families finances, rendering those work hours null. Other students had to spend more time taking care of younger siblings or elderly relatives. 

While mandatory service hours have brought benefits such as giving students the opportunity to research different careers, waiving them created room for students to handle personal matters resulting from the pandemic, as well as focus on their mental health, rather than stressing about completing hours during periodic lockdowns.