AVPA Receives $100,000 Grant from Epic Games


Lily Maxson, Media Editor and Publicist

Culver City High School AVPA (Academy of Visual and Performing Arts) recently obtained a $100,000 grant from Epic Games, a major gaming company. Epic Games is a video game and software development corporation that has created many teenage favorites in the gaming world, most notably Fortnite. Today’s generation of teens spend much time gaming for recreational purposes, but there are also many educational aspects of video games to learn about. This may involve everything from design to coding to visuals. 

“We know there are so many student gamers at CCHS,” said Holly Gable, head of AVPA Film. “And it is such a successful industry, so we decided that we needed a video game design program at Culver.” When Gable heard about the opportunities Epic MegaGrants provides, she consulted with her fellow AVPA leaders and the program collectively decided to reach out. 

Currently, Gable is working together with Heather Moses, CCUSD Arts Coordinator, and other administrators to develop a new curriculum. “There will be an after-school AVPA course, as well as at least one CTE elective available to students during the school day,” Moses said. The money from the grant that Epic Games generously provided will go towards thirty brand new gaming computers, which will be made available in the Tech Center not only to those taking the class but also to any other interested students on campus.

Looking forward, this program is sure to provide a fun and educational experience here at CCHS. Students who are interested in taking the course should lookout for more information in the weekly newsletter as more details become solidified. This new and exciting addition to the wide variety of CTE pathways made accessible at Culver City High School will undoubtedly become a popular choice for students in the near future!