BSU Spirit Week 2/22 ~ 2/25


Maya Rizzo, Staff Writer

This week (Tuesday, 2/22 ~ Friday 2/25), the Black Student Union (BSU) is celebrating Black History Month by organizing a spirit week for the students and faculty at Culver City High School. The week will consist of the following spirit days: “Artist Day,” “Hoodie Day,” “HBCU Day,” and “Black Out Day.” Show your support by participating in this last week of February! 

BSU is a club to support Black students at school. Taniah Orr, the Vice President of the club mentions that “it’s a place where we can share and relate to different experiences we face being Black.” Although, the club also stresses that you do not need to be Black to be a member as some students just come to support their friends or learn about Black culture. BSU holds meetings on Mondays at lunch in the MPR. 

Since the beginning of February, BSU has been organizing activities and events to celebrate Black History Month. In this last week, they want to do something special by including the whole school. As Monday is a holiday off, Tuesday kicks off their spirit week with “Artist Day.” On this day, wear your favorite African American Artist. This can be any clothing item with anything on it from an album cover to a piece of art by a Black artist. On Wednesday, wear a hoodie for “Hoodie Day” in remembrance of Trayvon Martin. Martin was a 17-year-old African American boy who was fatally shot by a Hispanic man targeting Martin because of his “suspicious look.” On Thursday, or “HBCU Day”, represent your favorite HBCU by wearing their gear. Lastly, on “Black Out Day” on Friday, wear all Black to celebrate the lives of Black people. 

As Culver High has a large population of Black students, it is important to acknowledge and celebrate them and their history this month of February. This Tuesday through Friday, show your support by participating in BSU’s spirit week.