Meet the 2022-2023 Student Leadership Team


Sofia Pezo, Staff Writer

This past April, CCHS students voted for this year’s Associated Student Body (ASB) and class council leadership positions. Among the recently elected is incoming senior Tyler Muir, the new ASB President.


“I didn’t see myself in the position very much, but I always had ideas for ASB. I always saw positive changes that could be implemented,” Muir said. He explained that it was Katie Carrera, the previous ASB president, who encouraged him to run.


This past school year was Muir’s first year as a member of ASB, but he said he’s enjoyed it immensely. “I like being able to advocate for students, being able to have a voice and be heard, and working with a great group of people to get a lot of great things done on campus. It’s so much fun and it’s a great group.”


Among his many plans and goals for this upcoming school year, Muir said ASB is working on bringing back assemblies. “Since COVID, that’s basically disappeared, so right now it’s in the works.”

Part of Muir’s campaign was focused on helping clubs on campus and on climate advocacy. He plans on helping educate students on campus about trash separation, bridging the gap between students and ASB, and providing clubs with more resources.


ASB also has many other leadership positions, including the Commissioners of Activities, Commissioners of Athletics, Commissioners of Publicity, Ambassadors of the Arts, Sustainability Coordinators, and Student Board Members.

Incoming junior Nazira Paul is one of the newly elected Ambassadors of the Arts. In this position, Paul and her co-ambassador serve as a liaison between CCHS’s Academy of Visual and Performing Arts (AVPA) and ASB and also help advertise AVPA events to the whole school.


“I’m excited to share what all of the [AVPA and ASB] presidents have to say, implementing that into our work, and being able to bridge the two together,” she said. While she was active in ASB last year, Paul said this is her first big leadership role. “I’m excited to see what I can do and use this responsibility for something good and something that benefits the school.”


Paul is planning to continue many activities ASB and the previous Ambassadors of the Arts organized this past school year, such as the talent show and the chalkboard art to advertise events on campus.


Amarachi Aije, an incoming junior, was recently elected the next Junior Class President. Aije, who is also a member of ASB, said she was a member of the freshmen and sophomore class councils, but noticed how there was a lack of inclusivity. “I want to bring people together and bring voices of other people, not just the average kid you always see.”


As Junior Class President, Aije’s duties involve leading meetings, helping plan prom, and organizing fundraisers. Aije said she is also hoping more people will attend class council meetings this year. In general, she said she’s looking forward to “having a bonding experience and getting to know my peers better.”