Club Fair: Fostering Interconnectedness and Community Growth


Lily Maxson, Managing Editor

On Tuesday, August 13th the annual Club Fair was held in the grass area adjacent to the lunch patio. Rows and rows of tables showcased a variety of clubs and extracurriculars. Students crowded the walkways, excited to sign up for the activities that interested them.


As always, there was a diverse selection of clubs for students to choose from. Some of these groups included Tolerance, Vote 16, Ballona Creek Renaissance, Green Thumbs Club, Jewnity, Reproductive Rights Club, and more. Both old and new faces showed up to become members or continue to support the clubs they were previously a part of. Many club leaders put significant effort into making their posters and flyers eye-catching, encouraging passersby to stop and learn about their group’s mission. 


There were also a few new clubs that were started this year- such as Culver Needs, Help a Paw, and CCHS Women’s Wellness Club. One great thing about the Club Fair is that it allows students to create a platform for their passions. This can include activism and supporting a certain cause, bettering our school and the world around us. Other clubs allow students to meet people with similar interests- whether that be jewelry, boba, anime, crocheting, or gardening. 


In addition, many clubs provide a safe-space for students who are from minority groups, hoping to educate others and share their culture. Lots of genders, races, ethnicities, religions, and sexualities have the ability to feel welcome and find a club with people who understand their background and experiences. The diversity of Culver City High School is truly represented in the array of clubs it has to offer.


Each and every year, the Club Fair succeeds at its goal- to get students excited about meeting new people, doing what interests them, and using their voices in whatever way they choose. The Club Fair never fails to be an amazing experience for community-building and simply has the ability to bring people together, creating opportunities to get involved. The Club Fair this year was no different, with many students browsing their options and picking the extracurriculars that matched their passions the best. 

As a result, students have the opportunity to become a part of something greater than themselves, fostering interconnectedness and community growth.