Math is her thing


Ian Arguello

Acker-RamirezAs you walk in room 109, you’ll see an average height woman with short hair, well dressed, and will greet you with a warm smile on her face. By the second bell, she goes to the front of the class and greets everybody again. Her classroom is well organized and very big which is good for a math classroom.
Cyndia Acker-Ramirez teaches geometry and trigonometry. She’s one of the ten new teachers here at CCHS and one of the six newest teachers in the math department. Acker-Ramirez went to Cal State Long Beach. She pursued an engineering degree but hated her engineering classes. She was more interested in her math classes and started to like it even more than all her other classes. She then pursued teaching math. She later became a teacher assistant at an elementary  school.
Since  Acker-Ramirez started teaching at CCHS, she loves “how diverse it is,” she says about our school. She misses her close friends at her old job. During her free time she just likes to watch TV. She also likes to eat chocolate ice-cream.Acker-Ramirez is not just a math teacher but also  a mother of two children. As a child, her parents pushed her a lot when it came to to school. All that pushing made her a good student.
Acker-Ramirez loves teaching math. She enjoys working with children. “She’s a good mathematical teacher,” said sophomore Jules Moniz, a student of  Acker-Ramirez students. At the end of the day she thinks to herself , “Wow, today went by fast.”