ASB Elections: 2023-2024


Lily Maxson, Managing Editor

The annual ASB elections are now taking place at CCHS, allowing students to use their voices and support positive change on campus. It is that time of year again when students gain the opportunity to vote for the selection of student body candidates that best represent their needs. Those who receive the most votes will serve in their positions during the following 2023-2024 school year. Elections take place for the duration of this week, from April 24th- 28th. A Google form can be found on the Culver City High School ASB Instagram account, @culvercityhighschoolasb and scannable QR codes with access to the form will be posted around school campus. 


In this year’s election, there are a wide variety of candidates with slightly different visions for what next school year might look like:


Camilla Huntley is running for ASB president. This year, she was Commissioner of Activities and president of Culver Needs Club. “I want to run for ASB president to use my previous experience to overall improve our school,” said Huntley. Her platform includes three goals: school spirit, an environmentally friendly campus, and including student voices. To raise school spirit, the candidate plans on keeping the snack bar open after school, adding more themed spirit weeks, having a DJ at sports events, and bringing back “puppies on campus” days. To make CCHS more eco-friendly, Huntley intends to start electronic waste drives in order to properly dispose of Chromebooks. As a supporter of the CCUSD Green New Deal, she also aims to add outdoor learning spaces with greenery and native, water-efficient plants. To represent student voices, she plans on working closely with programs such as AVPA and CTE pathways. She also wants to work closer with affinity groups on campus and supports an annual cultural day to showcase the diversity of students at CCHS. “I simply want to make a good, lasting impact before I leave the school,” said Huntley. 


Nina Kumar is the second candidate running for president. This year, she was Commissioner of Athletics, which helped her gain experience with leadership and organizing events. She also gained valuable skills such as persistence and confidence from being captain of cross country. “I believe that it is important to be kind in life and stay bright despite what others might say, and I think the president should be kind-hearted,” said Kumar. She is interested in fostering better student-teacher relationships so that students feel safe on campus. One way of achieving this would be homeroom competitions. She also plans on making school more enjoyable with the help of extended lunch, class field trips, and more school beautification.  She is in favor of a cleaner campus and is willing to work to achieve that. The candidate intends on adding more fun events, CP Flex sessions, and assemblies. She wants to advocate for and support groups on campus from each and every club, affinity group, and identity. “I want to make ASB overall more supportive and approachable for students to voice their concerns, feel like they can come to ASB with anything, and trust that we can help them with more than just planning events,” said Kumar. 

Orlando Fernandez is the third candidate running for president. His platform consists of improvements in quality of life on campus, student action, and entertainment. Fernandez is committed to bettering CCHS by keeping our school clean and decorating the school. He also is interested in better sports equipment and diverse cafeteria food. In regards to student action, he plans on supporting clubs, class councils, and arts classes such as AVPA and band. Additionally, he wants to foster cultural representation. To keep CCHS students entertained, he wants to plan more ASB events, along with more music during lunch, assemblies, field trips, and CP Flex sessions.

Amarachi Ajie is running unopposed for the role of vice president. In her position, she plans on focusing on four main areas of concern. With funding, she wants to give more money to clubs, sports, and student organizations. She also wants to revamp the student outreach form and develop a committee in ASB dedicated to student needs. In regards to communication, she aims for more transparency, utilization of Canvas to spread information, and better communication with admin. Lastly, with infrastructure Ajie plans on fixing the stone pathway near the bungalows, plumbing issues, and floods from the rain. 


Student Board Representative candidates include Sophia Gomez, Ariana Khan, and David Bos. 


Treasurer candidates include Liam Atwood, Jordan Shaw,  and Samantha Culajay. 


Secretary candidates include Genesis Amaya. 


Commissioner of Activities candidates include Sana Manaie, Justin Pouncey, and Steele Gagnon.


Commissioner of Athletics candidates include Henry Herbach and Neha Kumar. 


Commissioner of Publicity candidates include Sophia Taravella. 


Students are encouraged to research the candidates that align with their personal beliefs and needs as students, athletes, artists, and people from all different cultural backgrounds. High school student body elections are an important way to get involved in school politics and the issues that directly affect students, clubs, and more.