Career Fair Returns!


Julia Leong, Digital Content Manager

On Thursday April 20th, Culver City High School had its first Career Fair since 2019. Hosted on the lawn during lunch, it included representatives from the CCPD, the Culver City Historical Society, the City of Culver City and more. Overall, there were 15 participants. Notably, the booths that attracted the most interest were Students Demand Action and the CCPD.

Not only were the organizations trying to attract future hires, the Adult School was also looking to spread the word about some of their programs, such as its classes for ESL and the citizenship test. Bank of the West was also trying to encourage students to open up bank accounts and expand their financial literacy knowledge. Students Demand Action was a unique participant; it is a grassroots organization trying to end gun violence in the United States. It was mainly looking for applicants for its summer leaders program, but it also wanted to spread awareness for its cause.
The Career Fair officially started back in 2018, but it only ran for two years before Covid hit. After that it hadn’t been held for three years because of social distancing regulations. Given the reasonable success that it had this year with a good number of students participating, it is likely to be held again in the future.