It’s a Free Estate Sale


Hana Varsano, Staff Writer

Rachel was sick of the yelling. They didn’t know where it was coming from, but they heard it somewhere in their house, and it gave them a headache of some sort.

So, they decided to go walk outside of their house to escape these yells and fits of rage in their home.

They walked for around ten minutes or so until they found a neighborhood they had never been to before. However, they felt like they had been there before, based on what they saw.

There was a tall dark green cloud, green like trees, and blocks that went up and down a sloped hill with large brick houses, each ranging from two to four stories.

Rachel reached the top of the hill and looked at the house standing in front of them, a large two-story red brick house with a front lawn of bright green grass that looked new, but was abandoned.

The building suddenly shook and Rachel moved to the side, knowing there was trouble.

Within a millisecond, the building had collapsed and the green front lawn was covered in old powder and bricks.

The bricks had also fallen into the basement of the house, which had many bookshelves fallen to the side due to the collapse, with little objects on them.

On the side Rachel saw a man and a woman whom had just watched the brick house collapse along with them.

“You know, there might be free stuff in that house that we could get now that it’s collapsed. That house has been abandoned for years anyway,” the man said.

“That’s a good idea. C’mon let’s go down there,” the woman said. 

“Come with us. It’s literally a free estate sale if you think about it,” the woman said to Rachel.

Sure I have time to kill, Rachel thought. I’m not going back to my house till those random yells and screams stop!

So they jumped into the dead body of the house’s basement along with the man and the woman.

“I found these plastic garbage bags in the corner of the house. Go on and take one,” the man said to Rachel.  

So they did and went looking through the bookcases.

On one of the bookshelves, they found some skater stickers to put up on their bedroom walls and Highlights magazines to collage into canvases

On another shelf they found a gray clock necklace to wear out to a wedding, a junk journal to write metaphorical and symbolic secrets, and four kewpie dolls to creep their friends out with.

By the end of the estate sale, half of their trash bag was full and they decided to walk back home.

Although Rachel thought it was fun collecting these items, they felt guilty taking what wasn’t theirs. This guilt made them curious to the previous owners of the house.

They wondered if the people who lived in that house were still alive or dead, if they had children or grandchildren, or if they had a life of beauty or a life of pain.

Had the owner left their objects in the basement on accident or on purpose? Was someone else supposed to move in after them?

Their questions may have not been answered, but on the bright side when they got home the yelling was gone.