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Competitive Science: the Science Olympiad Club


We all love a friendly competition. No one can deny that it feels good to win, especially at something you’re passionate about, whether it’s at soccer or Scrabble, at dance or debate, or, like seniors Trentin Hoang and Sebastian Terry, at science. Hoang and Terry are the presidents of the CCHS Science Olympiad Club, which they founded last year. The club’s purpose is competitive science, and they meet every Wednesday during brunch in Mr. Bakunin’s room.

Hoang and Terry’s club is one of many at high schools across the United States. Science Olympiad is an organization that runs STEM based competitions for elementary, middle, and high school students in all 50 states. Schools can form teams in order to compete in tournaments which, according to the Southern California Science Olympiad, are similar track meets, as students compete in different events. These range from engineering challenges to labs to science class-like tests. The organization is an amazing opportunity for anyone who loves science (and is a little competitive) to show off their skills.

But until last year, CCHS didn’t have a way for students to participate in Science Olympiad. Only thanks to Hoang and Terry’s interest in science and, as Terry said, their desire to “teach younger students, especially freshmen and sophomores,” has the club been able to take root. However, since the club is new, they haven’t been able to compete in any tournaments yet.

“We haven’t had the privilege of someone already entering us into competitions,” said Terry. “Our main goal is to join the Science Olympiad official competition where there will be a regional competition next year.”

They plan to form a team and then have instructors, likely seniors with more scientific knowledge, help teammates study during club meetings to prepare for competitions. Two to three people will compete in each of 23 events, each based on a different branch of science, based on what they want to specialize in. Terry said he personally prefers engineering and build events, while Hoang would rather compete in Ecology or Anatomy and Physiology, which are written test events. Eventually, they’ll compete in the annual regional tournament.

Since Hoang and Terry are both seniors, another reason they hope to compete this year is to ensure that whoever they pass the club onto next year can enter tournaments more easily. They hope to “open up a path for students to continue to compete,” as Terry said.

Hoang said his favorite thing about science is “the possibilities”, and with the foundation Hoang and Terry have laid, there finally are possibilities for any CCHS student who wants to try competitive science. If you’re interested, come to meetings on Wednesdays at brunch in room 99.

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