Democracy in a New Age of Social Media

Raising Hands for Participation

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Raising Hands for Participation

Katie Collazos, Staff Writer

With society living in a new age where social media can practically become inescapable, it has shaped our perspectives on the new changing world. It has become such a prevalent factor in today’s political affairs that have created long term benefits which would never be possible in a world without connected social platforms. Nevertheless, society’s huge social media presence has also been the source of massive political division and the spread of hate among platforms. 

Social Media has helped to make political events more known so people can become more involved in their community. The recent civil rights movements over the summer were highly projected over social media platforms such as instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. There were many petitions going around these platforms in order for minorities who were being discriminated against to receive justice. Social Media had allowed historical events such as these civil rights protests to gain platforms and more attention. Not only have these social media platforms brought attention to important movements such as the “Black Lives Matter” social reform, it has also given platforms for people to share their stories on being racially profiled and discriminated against. 

Having a voice can be a very powerful tool and people have used their media platforms in order to bring awareness to their stories about the times they have been discriminated against. These social media platforms have allowed for people to use their voice and be heard in a country of a divided democracy. 

Despite the fact that social media has been able to shed light on issues that need recognition, it has also created a much more divided America especially in the realm of politics. The countless twitter feuds between presidents and other political leaders has been shaping America out to be a much more divided country than it has been in the past. America’s own former president, Donald Trump has used his platform to spread hate to other political parties, other political candidates, and most of all other democratic issues that he refuses to believe in. These easily accessible platforms have given everyone a platform to be able to express their views. 

Although everyone has a right to their own views and opinions, it has caused disunity between political systems. Having a sense of unity is essential to a foundation of democracy so both parties will be able to agree on laws that are beneficial to this country. Therefore, Social Media platforms have been taking certain steps to censor dangerous users, justifying it as an appropriate response if their views are spreading hate to others within their platform, reminding us to be wary of where we get our information and News. Social Media has the power to disrupt our democracy and unity as a nation, but only if we let it.