CCHS’s Yearbook in an Unprecedented Year


Jonathan Kim, Staff Writer

The 2020-2021 school year will be remembered as unlike any other year in history. In this unprecedented age, documenting all of the memories and events of this past year has never been more important. 

CCHS’s 2020-2021 yearbook does not fit the mold of a traditional yearbook. Instead, it serves as a time capsule, capturing student memories from this school year. As live sports and events have been unable to take place during the pandemic, the yearbook’s focus will primarily be on students’ personal quarantine stories. One spread in the yearbook will specifically focus on the fight for social justice by student groups, which includes the student-led protests for racial justice over the summer and fall months.

This year’s yearbook will still include pictures of clubs. As most clubs have still been meeting weekly, albeit online, pictures of club members and activities will be published.

There will also be a spread that focuses on senior athletes and captures seniors’ favorite high school memories. Parents can purchase a senior tribute ad until February 28th through a link on the official CCHS yearbook website. Although the deadlines have passed, seniors were also encouraged to send in baby pictures and vote on senior superlatives, with results scheduled to be announced on February 10. Other spreads showcase ASB and the class council. One particular spread highlights the plays and events that AVPA has organized, such as the “She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms” play that was performed in November. 

Especially in a pandemic year, having a yearbook arguably holds more importance than ever. CCHS’s new yearbook advisor, Susana Fattorini, believes in the significance of capturing this unprecedented year and the students and the school’s memories.

“If we do it right and we can really tell the story of the year without trying to make it look like other years, then this could in some ways be a collector’s item,” Fattorini said. 

For those interested, the CCHS yearbook is currently on sale for $76 through February 16th.

With COVID-19 having greatly impacted this past year, with unique memories made by all students and staff at CCHS, the yearbook certainly serves as an important way to store and reflect on the experiences made in this special school year.